Hi Tony,

I hope all is well with you.

I just wanted to let you know I used your 45 233gr RN bullets at IPSC world shoot and managed to place 2nd overall in revolver division. We took gold in the revolver team event.

You bullets performed great I am really happy with them and I am convinced I will be using them for as long as you continue to make them. Thanks so Much for the support and for the great products.

Thanks so much.

Josh Lentz


The accuracy of both the 135 and the 160 is extremely good. I am very happy, the 929 likes the 135 and the 627 likes the 160. Great product

josh lentz
team smith and wesson

 JD  another great bullet

sadly i have found myself buying guns just so i can reload for them using bb hi-tek bullets. purchased these for a hipoint carbine 995ts and the matching c9 pistol. have run through 1000 reloads split between them in a month and not a sign of leading to be seen. doesnt seem to matter how hot or cool i run them either. i have run this coating through sig(p220 .45 cal), taurus(1911 .45cal, 24/7 gen2 .40cal), ruger (lcp 380), hi point (995ts, c9 9mms) all my barrels look brand new and require nothing more then a fast bore snake to clean them at the end of the day. guess i need a glock next for that funky barrel.  JD

out standing group
just bought my taurus 24/7 gen .40 cal. first trip to the range 15 rounds in the 10 ring at 7 yards running trial loads with the hi-tek coating. cannot wait to get next batch to the range 

wife approved
ordered 500 with the gold coating for my wifes ruger lcp 380. she liked them so much told me to get more next time.

great shipping

ordered on the sunday before new year and received by that thursday. outstanding turn-a-round when every one else is 3 to 4 week back order. will be ordering more 45s with the coating this time. can not wait to get to the range with them.

great service!!!

my package got lost for about a week but tony was all over it, either to replace or find them , but he had them found and got them to me. i have used the plain lead uncoated and loved them so i am sure the coated will be great!!!


 Ed M.     great value

i bought the bulk pack of these bullets.they arrived within a couple of days from order.the bullets were perfectly formed,measured exactly .452,and wieghed within a couple of gr. of each other.i am very pleased and will buy more.

Tad      great bullet

great bullet, just shot npsc, ran these through a springfield 1911 ro and a sig ultra carry, no problems, no leading, great accuracy, will buy more




i used these bullets for ".45 minor" out of a m&p and like them allot. smooth feeding and soft recoil. i push them about 730fps for a nice 131 pf to shoot production.

Alan   grouping

loaded some new round using 38 colt short brass and these 160 round nose. shot a 1 inch group at 20 yards. these bullets are a keeper.

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